Saturday, June 6, 2009

Plant It and Watch It Grow

Thanks to all for making today's garden party a success.

Mike Jenkins, from Elm Creek, shared a wealth of information about the importance of soil testing and how is leads to healthy garden practices.

Mike showcased some great new products and I look forward to trying out a few myself. He will create a display area at Elm Creek with all the products showcased. Please remember to pay a visit to Elm Creek.

Remember Phosphorous runoff is a leading cause of vegetation growth in our lake. Choose a fertilizer with a ZERO in the middle number of the NPK label.

To help us take the morning chill off, Coffee Talk 505 Clare, MI, sponsored our coffee and tea service and even snuck in a few fabulous pastry treats!!!

Five Lake gardeners came with something from the kitchen, yummy, and something from the garden and left with some new friends, a flower container pot and something new for their perrenial garden.


  1. I had a wonderful time at the 1st Annual Five Lakes Perrenial Exchange. Linda, you really did a nice job. The weather was great and Mike Jenkins was very informative.

    Jill Gervin

  2. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you next year...coordinating the weather was a challenge.